Tribble Trouble Ring with Bungee Handle - Lime Dots & Lime

Tribble Trouble Ring with Bungee Handle - Lime Dots & Lime


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It's a bundle deal! We have combined two favorite toys for a special deal:

  • Bungee Handle - $11.99
  • Tribble Trouble Bungee Tug Ring - $13.99

Purchased separately, these items would cost $25.98. 

Bungee Handle

The Bungee Handle can be used by itself as a tug toy, or you can use it to make your own toys. Simply loop one handle of the tug through a toy (a ring, a Hol-ee Roller Ball, or anything else the nylon webbing can be pulled through) and then loop it through the other handle. You now have an 23"-long bungee handle for your toy as shown in the photos of the rings with the Bungee Handle! The total length of the toy from the end of one handle to the end of the other handle is 23". The bite area of the tug is 8" long and stretches to a maximum of 17".

Tribble Trouble Bungee Tug Ring

The Tribble Trouble Bungee Tug Ring is a thick, fluffy tug ring with the bungee sewn inside of it. It's comfortable on the dog's mouth and easy on your hand! The bungee cord is encased in tubular nylon which we cover with a thick plush material. Then we cover all of that with the fluffy fur. The resulting ring tug is 7" diameter and 1.5" thick, and lots of fun. Dogs love this toy. You can use it as a tug or fetch toy by itself, or you can give it a handle by attaching it to one of our Bungee Handles.

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It’s the FAV!
My Boston Terrier agility pal loves this thing! He usually only cares about food stuffed toys, but waiting at a trial he will drag this out of the carry all and ask for a tug! And it comes in his color “green”
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