Weave Pole Connector for Max 200 Weave Poles

Weave Pole Connector for Max 200 Weave Poles


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This steel connector is designed to connect two sets of Max 200 2x2 weave pole bases together, or two sets of 6 competition weave poles. It has the same top surface as the bases of the 2x2 poles. Just slide one end of a set of 2x2s into each end of the connector and have a rigid competition base. 

You need one connector for every 2 bases you want to connect. So if you have 3 pairs of 2x2 poles and you want to have a set of 6 competition poles, you would need 2 connectors. If you want to connect 2 sets of 6 competition poles, you need 1 connector.

Packaging: You get 1 connector for the price shown.

Important Shipping Notes: Weave Pole Connectors are shipped directly from the manufacturer in New York. U.S. Orders will be shipped via UPS Ground and Canadian orders will be shipped via UPS Standard service. This item cannot be expedited or shipped by other carriers, and it cannot be shipped overseas. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery in the U.S. and 5-6 weeks for Canadian orders. Please also note that this item is excluded from any storewide free shipping offers.

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