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WinPro Performance & Health Supplement - Focus

WinPro Performance & Health Supplement - Focus


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No matter what sport your dog does, physical stamina and mental focus are must-haves. But the environmental stresses of training, traveling, and competing can cause unhealthy inflammation in your canine athletes. WINPRO makes the first and only supplements for dogs that use the proven power of K-Thrive™ Formula D—a proprietary blend of animal blood proteins and other key ingredients that are biological vs. nutritional in nature. Because the proteins stay in the dog's gut, they actively work to maintain strong immunity while also helping to prevent inflammation. Supplements containing blood proteins have been used in livestock to help mitigate stress and promote immunity since 1983 and were introduced to the performance horse world in 2013. Blood protein effectiveness is backed by over 300 scientific studies. Now it's time for dogs to benefit!

And WINPRO works fast. While most traditional supplements promise results in 30-60 days, you will often see WINPRO work in as little as 2 days. And for a dog owner, seeing is believing. 

WINPRO Focus Formula

Use as needed for focus.

WinPro Focus is specifically formulated to help canine brain function, promote mental alertness in dogs, and help our dogs remain relaxed and focused during times of increased activity.

Use for dogs that have anxiety from thunderstorms, noises, separation, or travel; for dogs that get distracted in the training or trial environment; and for dogs that "stress up" in competition and go over threshold.

Focus calms your dog to allow focus and performance.

  • Promotes attentiveness without drowsiness 
  • Helps improve behavior and responsiveness 
  • Supports mental calmness and enhances brain function

WINPRO supplements can be combined. The WINPRO Immunity is recommended as a base supplement for all dogs.

Made in the USA. 

Packaging: 12.7 oz. pouch contains 60 soft chews are a 30-day supply for dogs over 20 lbs. and a 60-day supply for dogs under 20 lbs.


Active Ingredient: K-Thrive™ Formula D (a proprietary ingredient made with a blend of animal blood proteins and other key ingredients, which can help boost immunity and aid recovery from the negative effects of stress and inflammation)

Other Active Ingredients: Taurine and Theanine (essential amino acids that help naturally calm the nervous system, anxiety and stress)

Complete Listing of Active Ingredients per Chew (6g):

K-Thrive™ Formula D - 2500 mg
Taurine - 100 mg
Theanine - 50 mg

Inactive Ingredients: Brewers Dried Yeast, Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, Glycerin, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Perservative), Pectin (citrus), Salt, Sodium Alginate, Sodium Propionate, Sorbic Acid, Soy Lecithin, Soybean Oil (Cold Pressed), Water.

How to Use

  Dogs Over 20 lbs. Dogs Under 20 lbs.
Normal Days 2 chews in a.m. 1 chew in a.m.
Heavy Work Days 2 chews in a.m.
2 chews in p.m.
1 chew in a.m.
1 chew in p.m.

Tip for competitors: Five days prior to the event, start the double dose heavy work days protocol and then continue it during the event.

Production Process

WINPRO functional dog chews are powered by the unique and proprietary animal blood protein blend, K-Thrive™ Formula D. Designed to help your dog thrive and perform to his full potential, it's an essential mix of concentrated blood fractions including plasma, serum, albumin, IgG and IgA.

The animal blood proteins in K-Thrive™ Formula D are collected and processed only in USDA-inspected pork processing facilities located throughout the American Midwest. This raw ingredient is humanely and hygienically collected, then transported in refrigerated stainless-steel tanker trucks to a processing facility. Here, the blood is spun to separate and concentrate the bioactive functional proteins, which are then blended with other key ingredients to create our powerful proprietary ingredient.

And dogs love the taste of the animal blood in our soft chews. They gobble them up even when working or when excited.

Clean Run tried the Focus supplement for a one-month trial with two different test dogs. One dog stresses down and loses focus at trials while the other dog stresses up and disconnects from the handler in her excitement. Both handlers felt that there was a marked improvement in the dog's ability to filter and think, especially in low to moderate stimulus situations. The over-the-top dog has been much more consistent in competition since starting the supplement.

"Our 7-year-old and 1-year-old Springer Spaniels train and compete in both field and agility. These are high energy and drive dogs. We began using WINPRO Focus with them, and we can see the difference in their ability to connect with the handler as well as channel the energy and drive in a positive fashion so it is productive." —Susie, Minnesota

"My Lab, Melbe, has had a lot of problems in the past with anxiety due to noise like storms and fireworks, so I started giving her Focus to help with mental calmness. We just went through Hurricane Irma and Melbe took it like a complete champ. She didn't hide under the bed or shake nervously and was back to her normal, happy self the next day. Before Focus, she would have a residual effect and still be a bundle of nerves following loud events but now she handles these situations like a completely different dog." —Jenna, Florida

"We had our rescue dog Sydney for about 2 months before starting her on WINPRO Focus; at this point she was starting to trust us but was still so nervous of everything. On walks before Focus, she would freeze anytime a car drove by or we’d walk past another person or dog. After Focus, she started walking in front of me rather than behind me, her tail was up and wagging, head held high with alert ears. It’s truly been an amazing transformation. Since starting her on Focus, I can really see her think about things rather than just running away, which I believe has helped her get over some of her fears. I can really see she’s not as worried as she was before." —Kimmie, California

"After giving Focus, I've seen much better performance from both dogs. I definitely would use the product to help with dogs that stress. One of mine stresses with sniffing and inattention and the other just lets his enthusiasm get out of control." —Diana, New Mexico

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