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Wrapsit Crate for Folding Chairs

Wrapsit Crate for Folding Chairs



The Wrapsit turns your basic scissor-leg folding camp chair into a dry, shady, soft-sided dog crate! Ideal for agility trials and training sessions, at the park, while camping in your tent or RV—or anywhere you open your chair.

The Wrapsit is a "slipcover" that easily attaches around your folding camp chair with Velcro so that you can instantly provide your small to medium dog with shade just by opening your chair. The Wrapsit can be installed in under 5 minutes, and then you never have to install it again. The Wrapsit closes with the chair.

The included wrapping panel is key to the functionality and convenience or your Wrapsit. Not only does it wrap around the entire chair and crate when it's folded up to create a convenient carrying bag, but it also attaches to the crate when your chair is open to provide extra pockets for your stuff—and who doesn't like extra pockets? Your chair and the Wrapsit are ready for use anytime, and you never have to re-bag your chair again!

The crate provides up to 5 cu.ft. space with plenty of room for small to medium size dogs. The exact size of the crate when the chair is open depends on the chair size. With the Academy Sports and Outdoors Oversize Mesh Logo Armchair in the photos (a 24" seat), the crate ends up being 21.5"W x 22D" x 18"H.


  • Heavy, durable, waterproof floor
  • Plenty of air circulation thanks to four large, tough mesh walls (no skimpy little windows here!)
  • Easy in-and-out access through the zippered large opening on the front corner (self-locking zippers_
  • Extra storage pockets on wrapping panel
  • Staking loops at the four corners keep your chair in place on windy days
  • Padded handle for ease of carrying when your chair is closed
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap 

Note: The Wrapsit does not come with a chair. The chair must be purchased separately.

Wrapsit fits the most popular sizes of traditional scissor-leg folding quad chairs. Wrapsit does not fit on captain, director style, or reclining chairs.

Your Wrapsit soft-sided crate is constructed of durable, washable materials and is very easy to maintain. 

Maintenance Cleaning: Wipe exterior surfaces and the interior floor with a damp cloth or sponge after every use. Leave your chair in an open position and Wrapsit unzipped until the unit is completely dry.**

Recommended Cleaning Method: Remove the Wrapsit from your chair and spray both interior and exterior gently with garden hose. Wipe the interior floor with a damp cloth or sponge. Invert the Wrapsit unit and hang until the interior and waterproof floor are completely dry.**

Occasional Heavy Cleaning Method: This method is not recommended on the Wrapsit packaging; however, if managed closely, an occasional machine washing may be desirable. (Note: Excessive machine washing and drying may adversely affect the Wrapsit's waterproofing properties.) Empty your Wrapsit soft kennel of all loose items and remove the wrapping panel from the rear. (Do not machine wash the wrapping panel.) Collect and discard any hair or debris from the floor of the Wrapsit unit before machine washing. Remove the Wrapsit from your chair. Close the zippered opening and engage all Velcro. Machine wash unit in cold water on gentle cycle. The Wrapsit can be machine dried on low. Check progress frequently. Of course, you may also hang-dry unit until interior of waterproof floor is completely dry.**

** Never store your Wrapsit covered chair in the closed position when either the chair or Wrapsit unit are damp.

Note: Your Wrapsit covered chair should not be left outdoors when not in use.  Prolonged exposure to the elements and sunlight will cause bleaching and may compromise the strength of the fabrics.

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Awesome class crate
I found this chair/crate about 5 years ago. I was one of the first to use it at class and trials. I have sent quite a few trailers to the Wrapsit co. So glad to see Cleanrun is now selling them, so the whole dog world can have one. They are the best, and so is the manufacturer.
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