Xtra Dog Double-Connection Fleece Training Leash

Xtra Dog Double-Connection Fleece Training Leash


Use as a double-ended leash Use as a regular leash with handle Made for strength and comfort Berry Black Grey Hunter Purple Red Royal


The Xtra Dog Double-Connection Fleece Training Leash is designed to be used in combination with the Xtra Dog Fleece Walking Harness. With clips at both ends, it is ideal for Tellington TTouch leading exercises and groundwork as well as other methods of dog training where two points of contact on the harness is advised. Walking a dog with a double-connection leash can help minimize pulling with many dogs, as it helps them to walk in their own natural balance.

In addition to using the leash for training your dog to walk without pulling, it has two O-rings that allow it to function as a multi-use lead. Using the clips and the O-rings, you can create a handle at one end so that you have a nearly 6' long conventional lead. Alternatively, you can clip the leash off halfway to make a shorter, 42" lead. 

The leash is 1" wide. When using the leash as a double-connection leash, each side of the leash is about 39" long.

Handmade in England using a sandwich construction of fleece on one side and webbing on the other so that it is strong as well as soft and comfortable on your hands.

Click here to see a video of a TTouch practitioner explaining how a harness can help stop a dog from pulling when combined with the Xtra Dog Double-Ended Fleece Training Leash.

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