Bonus Bungee Stuffer Tug

Bonus Bungee Stuffer Tug


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We always wanted to create a tug toy that gave the dog something really satisfying to bite onto; something that offered just a bit of resistance or "bounce back." So we started experimenting with tug toys that were stuffed with foam rather than the traditional polyfill or fleece. The result is the Bonus Bungee Stuffer, a tug toy that you can customize for your dog's personal preferences!

This tugging toy has a 16"-long bungee handle and is made from suede-backed faux fur. The bite area is 13" long and 1.5" to 2" wide, depending on which bite insert you choose:

  • Soft bite insert: Made from luxury foam for your very soft-mouthed dogs; 1.5" wide bite area
  • Medium bite: Made from polyethylene foam that's offers just a bit more resistance; 2" wide bite area
  • Firm bite (but not hard): Made from high-density foam for dogs that really want to chomp into something; 2" wide bite area

We were originally planning on using the same foam for all the toys, but we found that the office tester dogs had such a variety of opinions on which toy they liked best, we needed to listen! 

The toy comes prestuffed with your insert of choice, but there's a Velcro opening at the top of the Bonus Bungee Stuffer that allows you to replace the foam insert with anything you would like (food, a squeaker, some animal pelt scraps, etc.) or a softer or firmer foam insert (sold separately).

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