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Helsitar Pro Training Pockets are handcrafted in Finland and are designed for use all year round for dog training or any other hobby or activity where you need to store items within easy reach.

Pro Training Pockets are made from a Swedish F.O.V. high-tech microfiber fabric that is lightweight, breathable, and water-repellant. The Pro Training Pockets have an adjustable elasticized waistband and a side-release buckle that closes at the front. They fold up easily for convenient storage in your training bag or car.

Note: The specific pocket measurements vary slightly depending on the size you order so that each size looks the same proportionally. The measurements referenced below are taken from a size Small. The front pockets are smaller sizes are about a 1/2" shorter. As the sizes get bigger, the rear pocket get wider as it goes across the entire width of the garment.

Front features:

  • 2 large open, angled pockets with color trim (approx. 9-1/2"W x 9-1/2"H at highest point)
  • Cell phone pocket with a Velcro closure and reflective stripe (approx. 4-1/4"W x 6"H)
  • Narrow pocket that's perfect for doggy bags (approx. 3"W x 6"H)
  • Zippered pocket with reflective logo for secure storage of valuables (approx. 6-1/2"W x 5-3/4"H)
  • Suspender clip on left side
  • Rotating swivel snap on right side

Back features:

  • Large rear pocket that can be accessed from either side and is perfect for toys, tugs, leashes, etc. (approx. 20"W x 10"H at highest point)
  • D-loop fastened to the waistband on right side
  • Reflective triangle

Care: Machine washable at 140º or less; do not use bleach! Tumble dry on low setting.

What size Pro Training Pockets do you need? Click on the Sizing tab for instructions on how to choose the appropriate size.

Using a flexible measuring tape, measure the circumference of your hips and then add an extra 4" (10cm) to that measurement to choose the correct size of Pro Training Pockets. If you are between two sizes, the manufacturer recommends ordering the smaller size rather than bumping up to the larger size, as they find most agility handlers like the pockets a little snugger for running and handling.

Size Hip Measurement + 4" (10cm)
XXS 37" / 94cm
XS 39" / 100cm
Small 42" / 107cm
Medium 45" / 114cm
Large 48" / 121cm
XL 50" / 128cm
2XL 53" / 135cm

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
5/5 with 5 reviews

Oh, the amount of space!
This is probably the best “treat bag” I have ever had! Back pocket big enough for two leashes, water bottle, front pockets on both sides can hold an amazing amount of training treats. You can bend over, run, etc…. Nothing falls out. Pocket for cell phone, zip pocket can hold waste bags, wallet and keys. Yes, that is a lot of weight. BUT IT WORKS! I will recommend this to all my agility friends!
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Great product!
I love this product because there are so many accessible pockets. It’s very easy to clean and adjustable; the elastic waist belt is very comfortable. There’s a zippered pocket for keys or valuables, the side pockets are deep enough that treats don’t fall out and the rear “through” pocket is accessible from both sides and holds toys/balls/leash nicely.
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Perfect pockets
I had a training vest that was OK - but was more often too hot or too cold. These pockets are perfect! Easy to reach in quickly for rewards - and enough pockets to have several different levels of reinforcement at hand. love them!
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Convenient in training and for walks
With multiple pockets I have options to put special treats in one place and regular in another. I can carry a toy or two for rewards also. It is easy to buckle on and remove, and my clothing no longer requires pockets or a loop. I like to practice how I would need to be at trial (besides the treats). In training I bring my dog to the start line on a leash. I can put the leash in a pocket and have it handy when we are finished instead of forgetting or needing a leash runner :) For walking, I can hands-free carry water, phone and poop bags and other needs. A great grab and go!
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