Starting Out Right· Building on a Puppy's Natural Drive & Instinct
A healthy puppy brims with enthusiasm as he investigates every detail of his world. A moving object will inspire his complete attention, causing him to fall over himself in hot pursuit. When raising a puppy with an agility competition future in mind, we do not wish to extinguish this emotional outlet for our puppy but to build on it. A harmonious relationship and balance between the drive and enthusiasm of the agility dog and the drive and enthusiasm of the handler is one of the most important attributes of a successful team. From day one, every interaction with a puppy will influence his future attitude toward training and competition. Agility is all about the relationship between dog and handler so those early weeks together are very important.

Basic Crate Manners: Establishing Your Rules for a Reliable Lead-out
A solid stay is an agility foundation skill to teach young puppies before starting to train any of the equipment. While you are working on basic crate manners, you can use the crate to shape the behaviors you'll need from your puppy for a solid stay.

Hello, Puppy!
Ahhhh! A new puppy: All our hopes and dreams and aspirations tied up in one cute, cuddly bundle of energy and love. When the talk turns to agility, most folks readily admit to the "mistakes" they made training their last dog. So now, here's all the hope and promise of your new puppy, and you're determined to get it right this time.