Liz Joyce Liz works closely with dog sport handlers of all fitness levels to improve their transferrable strength, athleticism, agility and speed. She's been coaching since 2006, and working with handlers since 2016. All with the concepts of R+ training at the heart of it. 

She's studied program development, strength training, athletic development, applied movement mechanics, best practices for menopause, osteoporosis and much more. Using all this experience, and education, her approach is accessible and intelligently progressed which ends up being really effective for all types of people!

Power for Your Sport: Strength and the Agility Handler

Power for Your Sport: Strength and the Agility Handler

Liz Joyce
On-Demand Webinar

This webinar is all about strength training for agility handlers and our unique strength training needs. Why should you care about strength training? Strength training WILL enhance your agility handling because being stronger gives you more handling options on course and will make it easier for you......