Laura Bussing Laura is an award-winning agility coach, competitor, and Judge. Laura has been a dog trainer and behavior consultant for 35 years and an agility coach for 15 years. Laura’s commitment to consistency & excellence in training, handling and competition have been instrumental in her success. Laura has been awarded the Best Dog Trainer in Salida, Colorado for many years. She is skilled at effectively breaking down complex concepts to her students in an easy-to-understand terms. She feels it is important to convey the “why” behind concepts and learning theory for the handler to have a good understanding. Regardless of your handling...

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Mastering Course Memorization

Mastering Course Memorization

Laura Bussing
Self-Study Course

Improve your skills with remembering courses, the dog's line, the handler path, and when to execute timely handling in dog agility competition. Learn cutting edge memorization and visualization skills. Learn how to maximize your preparation time for pre-walk study, ringside scan, and retaining cruci......