Barb Buchmayer Barb Buchmayer has been captivated by the art of herding for 30 years and has trained over a dozen dogs to herd. She has successfully competed at the Open or highest level of USBCHA (United States Border Collie Handlers Association) trials. She's been teaching herding for over 15 years.

Fourteen years ago, she began learning the science of positive dog training by studying many books and DVDs. She also went to several Clicker Expos and took many courses, including classes by Bob Bailey, Susan Garrett, and Kay Laurence. Her life's work is to develop and share positive herding with new handlers and traditional handlers looking for a...

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Positive Herding

Positive Herding

Barb Buchmayer
On-Demand Webinar

Do you have a bored or high-energy dog looking for a job? Herding breeds of all stripes will benefit from the training in this webinar and Barb's book, Positive Herding 101. Although herding breeds will excel at this training, your dog doesn’t need to have herding instinct to join in the fun, and yo......