Adrian Rowan Adrian Rowan has been training every animal she could since she was a child. Through her animals, students' dogs, and human preschoolers, Adrian has gained extensive experience with many types of learners. Above all, she believes that learning should be a joyful and creative process for everyone involved.

Adrian has been active in the sport of dog agility since 2009. She currently competes with her Windsprite, Kestrel, and has an up-and-coming Whippet puppy, Pippin. She has taught group classes in Louisville, Kentucky since 2010. She teaches a variety of topics, including classes for shy and fearful dogs, cooperative veterinary care, and...

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Tricked Up Training

Tricked Up Training

Adrian Rowan
Self-Study Course

Like hiding broccoli in mac and cheese, you can disguise the boring vegetables that are good dog training skills in a delicious cheesy sauce of fun and hilarious tricks. You won’t even realize you’re becoming a better trainer along the way! As a bonus, maybe (finally) your dog will think you’re smar......