Merit Jähne Merit lives in Germany and has been doing agility since she was a teen in 2000. She's been instructing in dog sports nearly as long, first in dog clubs and, since 2009, as a professional. She has been offering online classes on running contacts and rally obedience since 2015. 

Merit has always aimed for international events and has trained for the top but, due to injuries, she didn't reach her goals with previous performance dogs (a Jack Russell Terrier, a Mudi, a Border Collie, and a Shetland Sheepdog). But her young Working Cocker Spaniel, Eep, has already finished 7th out of 77 in the Pentathlon at the 2022 World Agility Open...

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Two Ways to Teach Directional Cues

Two Ways to Teach Directional Cues

Merit Jähne
Self-Study Course

Not sure how to train directional cues? The Merit Jähne self study course will show you two ways (one using barrels and the other using food bowls) to teach directional cues on the flat away from the agility equipment and how to transfer the skills to the obstacles. Directional cues allow you to tel......