Kristine Hammar Kristine Hammar has been competing in agility since 2007, and she began parkour in 2016 with all three of her Border Collies. She and C-ATCH Tessa and Dean have accomplished several parkour championship titles in both All Dogs Parkour and the International Dog Parkour Association. Bandit, her current agility and parkour partner, has earned his ADP Championship and is working toward other advanced titles. Kristine is also an All Dogs Parkour judge. Kristine has been teaching parkour both online and in-person since 2017.

In addition, Kristine has taught "Confidence and Self-Control" at Dandy Dog Training in Pennsylvania, and she...

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Introduction to Canine Parkour

Introduction to Canine Parkour

Kristine Hammar
Self-Study Course

Would you like to learn a fun way to increase your dog’s confidence, focus, and fitness while strengthening your relationship at the same time? Canine parkour, which is loosely considered to be a form of dog agility, is a somewhat new dog sport. In parkour, you teach your dog to perform “interaction......