Donna Savoie Donna Savoie started offering obedience training professionally in 2005 and in 2010, she opened the first Pack of Paws Dog Training Center, in Southbridge, Massachusetts. She opened a second training center, this time in Charlton, Massachusetts, in 2020. She says, "I love teaching people and seeing the enhanced engagement they achieve with their dogs. Behaviors are important but without that engagement, fun, and sense of humor, then what's the point?"

Donna started competitive dog sports in 2014, doing Barn Hunt with her German Shepherd, Vader. In 2017, she began doing Dock Diving with another German Shepherd, Rikkochez. They...

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Obedience for Agility - Without Killing Drive!

Obedience for Agility - Without Killing Drive!

Donna Savoie
12-week instructor-guided course starts June 5; Limit of 8 Premier students. No limit on Standard students.

Class has started, but it's not too late to join in! You will be able to see all of the lessons regardless of when you enroll. Imagine having reliable control over your dog – regardless the level of distractions in the environment – while entering and exiting the ring, navigating the course, and spe......

$175.00 - $249.00