Bud Houston For many years, Bud Houston of Williamstown, West Virginia, was one of America's most popular agility teachers, stressing solid handling fundamentals and positive training techniques. When he started in the sport more than 30 years ago, there were no books or videos on agility, so he helped define the sport and became a pioneer of dog agility. Bud went on to become the founding editor and publisher of Clean Run magazine. He is the author of a large body of work, mostly related to training dogs for the sport of dog agility. Bud's expert commentary is featured on the USDAA Nationals videotapes during the early years.

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Named Obstacle Discrimination

Named Obstacle Discrimination

Bud Houston
Self-Study Course

The Bud Houston self-study training course is dedicated to solving the traditional tunnel-under-the-contact riddle—commonly called a discrimination challenge. Rather than approaching the challenge as a test of handling, we will train the dog to discriminate between tunnel and contact by a verbal cue......