Amanda Shyne Amanda Shyne loves all animals and pursued a graduate degree studying animal behavior at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Her Ph.D. dissertation examined the effects of environmental enrichment on zoo animal welfare.

Amanda has been doing agility for 18 years and teaching the sport for 10. Due to her training as a researcher, her agility school, Data Driven Agility, takes a scientific approach to agility and dog training. Amanda is constantly looking for the most effective ways to communicate course direction to dogs. One of her catchphrases, "Good to know," reminds her students that all data is important, even if it suggests...

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Weaves That Wow: Improve Your Weave Poles

Weaves That Wow: Improve Your Weave Poles

Amanda Shyne
Self-Study Course

Would you like your dog to be faster, more independent, and more consistent in the weave poles? Handling an agility course is easier if your dog fully understands his job in the weave poles so you can send him to weave while you get to your next handling position. The progressive exercises in this c......