Positive Herding

Positive Herding

Instructor: Barb Buchmayer
Course Type: On-Demand Webinar

Do you have a bored or high-energy dog looking for a job? Herding breeds of all stripes will benefit from the training in this webinar and Barb's book, Positive Herding 101. Although herding breeds will excel at this training, your dog doesn’t need to have herding instinct to join in the fun, and you don't even need to have sheep to start the training! 

In this 45-minute webinar, Barb invites you to travel with her to her farm in Missouri and then to South Africa to meet her co-author and good friend, Sally Adam. Sally had trained agility and tricks using positive methods but had never done any herding before she worked with Barb. You will watch one of her herding trial runs.

Barb will explain how the training of a herding behavior is started, much as you would start training any obedience skill or trick, and shaped step by step into a full-blown herding skill. She will also share a video of the layers of learning that go into teaching flanks, the clockwise and counter-clockwise movements a dog uses to circle livestock. 

Finally, she will show and explain the "Mind Map" found in her book that ties all of the concepts she uses for positive training together in one simple diagram.

Note: This webinar includes some videos that blog readers may have already seen but there are clips and information found exclusively in this webinar. 

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Barb Buchmayer has been captivated by the art of herding for 30 years and has trained over a dozen dogs to herd. She successfully competes at the Open or highest level of USBCHA (United States Border Collie Handlers Association) trials. 

Thirteen years ago, she began learning the science of positive dog training through studying many books and DVDs and by taking courses, including classes by Bob Bailey, Susan Garrett, and Kay Laurence. Her lifework is to develop and share positive herding with new handlers and traditional handlers looking for a science-based approach to training. 

In 2011 Barb was contacted by a woman from South Africa, Sally Adam. Sally is an animal lover and a skilled clicker trainer with an inquiring mind and an adventurous spirit. Sally had taught agility and tricks with positive training but had never trained or handled a herding dog. Working with Barb long-distance, Sally trained her Border Collie, Renn, from a puppy to the South African Sheepdog Association's 2016 Reserve Junior Champion. 

When Barb got her youngest dog, Sir, in 2015, she began keeping a detailed training journal. Over the last five years, she has used that journal as the basis for this set of books, Positive Herding 101 and Positive Herding 102. Together, these two books lay out the successful step-by-step approach that she and Sally pioneered to train herding using positive reinforcement.  

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