Clean Run Magazine - January 2015

Clean Run Magazine - January 2015


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A few of the features: Mary Ellen Barry demontrates the German Turn, Daisy Peel starts a new bimonthly series where she breaks down a complicated course and looks for straightforward handling solutions, behaviorist Tom Mitchell begins a monthly series on effective reward-based dog training, Bobbie Lyons helps you get started on a canine conditioning program in her new series, Nini Bloch look back at handling in the early days of US agiliy, Brenna Fender talks to people about how much time they spend training and conditioning, Lynne Stephens presents a program for training the seesaw, Lauren Langman talks about working puppies in classes and group situations, Kristin Wolter shares some ideas on how much agility is "too much," Jenni Shelgy explains how hula hooping can help with your handling, Kristy Netzer begins a new series where she shares her class plans, Dr. Carolina Medina explains how laser therapy can help your performance dog, Sally Silverman interviews Anna Eifert, Cindy Elliott Deak breaks down a CPE course, and more! 68 pages.


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