Clean Run Magazine - September 2019 Digital Edition

Clean Run Magazine - September 2019 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: Sandy Rogers explains the concept of a "power lead-out" and the impact it can have for your team; Connie Sellers shares flatwork games for rear cross training; Bobbie Bhambree discusses the importance of mental resilience so your dog can cope with stress and maintain focus and self-control in different environments; Jamie McKay presents strategies for management and training that can be used to help you and your dog safely navigate through the crowded trial environment to get from the crate to the starting gate. Nancy Gyes puts up drills for practicing blind tunnel entrances; Jo Sermon shares exercises for introducing box work in sequences; Brenna Fender looks at how you can cope with stress or anxiety at a trial and calm your mental state; Stacy Winkler continues her series on adding distance to your stopped contact performance; John Reid puts up training sets that fit in a small space; and more. 52 pages.


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