Clip and Go Agility Clearway Weave Pole Guides

Clip and Go Agility Clearway Weave Pole Guides


$39.99 - $89.99

When Clip and Go Agility creates a new product, their main goal is to make items safer and perform better. The Clearway Weave Pole Guides do just that. The guides are custom extruded using a ribbon of transparent UV-stable PVC plastic, and there are no sharp edges anywhere. The attachment clip is a screw-together two-piece clip that is easy to attach to your poles.

The Clearway Guides offer side-to-side flexibility so the dog is safe if he's hitting them as he goes through, yet they are very stable vertically. This means no more sagging wires! 

Each guide is 56" long, creating enough room for all dogs to learn to do great weave poles.

Using the guide wires for the first time requires assembly.

Note: These guides fit all of the weave poles we sell and any weave poles made out of Schedule 40 3/4" PVC. If you are not sure whether your weave poles are made from Schedule 40 3/4" PVC, you can measure the outside diameter of your poles. Despite its name, 3/4" schedule 40 pipe has an outside diameter of approximately 1-1/16" (1.050").


  • Set for 6 weave poles—everything you need for 6 weave poles (4 guides)
  • Set for 12 weave poles—everything you need for 12 weave poles (10 guides)
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Consider buying a second set
These work well but some dogs jump over them because they are not enough of a barrier. They aren't too expensive so you might want to purchase two sets and connect one set high and the other lower. If you have problems with dogs jumping over them, you might also consider using pet gates instead of these.
Comment from Clean Run Thanks for your feedback. As trainers, we do feel that a dog who is jumping out of the guide wires does not understand the job or cannot physically do the job. It's like a dog who doesn't understand to go through the tire rather than between the tire and the frame. We prefer to go back to basics rather than creating a barricade where the dog cannot leave the weave poles because when he leaves the weave poles, he is giving you information. If we're using channel poles and adding the wires, then we would re-open the channels to the easiest setting and gradually close them to allow the dog to get used to the guides. If you're using 2x2s, go back to just one pair and shape the dog to go through the guides. Move the guides to different heights until the dog under stands that they are part of the obstacle.
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