S-Biner Carabiners - Stainless Steel

S-Biner Carabiners - Stainless Steel


#.5 #1 #4 #5

$3.49 - $3.99
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Why settle for one carabiner when you can get two in one? The S-Biner gets its name from the "S" shape of the carabiner. Instead of having just one loop, the S-Biner allows you to divide the items on the carabiner. This S-biner is made from stainless steel with a spectrum finish.

  • You can use the #4 or #5 clip to clip your keys on one end and a multi-tool or keychain light on the other, for example. In the dog world, we've found lots of uses for this clever clip: attaching dog buckets, tug toys, leashes, or water bowls to crates or exercise pens; locking dual zippers on a training bag or soft crate; and attaching shade panels with grommets to a tent frame or other things. Use your imagination!
  • You can use the #.5 size or #1 biner to clip tags to your dog's collar.
Max. Weight
Rated for
Quantity Per
#.5 1.31" x 0.48" x 0.22" .11 oz. 3 lbs. 2
#1 1.56" x .62" x 0.21" .14 oz. 5 lbs. 2
#4 3.52" x 1.18" x 0.31" 1.06 oz. 75 lbs. 1
#5 4.38" x 1.94" 1.69 oz. 100 lbs. 1

Packaging: Please note that the #.5 and #1 biners are sold in a 2-pack; the #4 and #5 biners are sold individually.

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