Bunny Jackpot & Tug Toy

Bunny Jackpot & Tug Toy


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Some dogs need even more stimulation than our other food-stuffable toys provide, so this dog toy incorporates real fur. The Bunny Jackpot & Tug Toy features a heavy-duty ballistic nylon treat pouch is covered with real rabbit fur on one side and seals up tight with Velcro so that you can stuff it with food, squeakers, or whatever else your dog likes. Stimulate your dog's food and prey drive all at once, and help him learn to play and tug with you. The pouch is 4.5"H x 6"L and the soft-touch nylon handle is 8" long.

The Bunny Jackpot & Tug Toy is made from commercial-grade rabbit fur, not craft grade. The fur colors ares natural, not dyed, and NO rabbit fur from China is used. Much of the rabbit fur being sold in the USA and Canada originates from China, but the resellers don't tell you that. It costs more to get fur from European countries (where they eat rabbit) that sell frozen hides to tanneries here in the USA who then do the tanning.

Assorted color combinations; please allow us choose for you.

Note: We design Clean Run rabbit fur tug toys for interactive use while training your dog. Engaging dogs in tug and play is an important part of many training programs, but some dogs have to learn to love tug and need something special, like real fur, to get their interest. These toys are not designed to be given to your dog for self-play or to be used with tugging maniacs. Bunny fur is delicate and is intended to help with motivation.

Note: Food-stuffable toys are intended to be interactive toys that are always used in supervised play and training. Because your dog will desperately want to eat what's inside, these toys should never be left unattended with the dog.

Average Rating
4.5/5 with 2 reviews

incredibly motivating to my dog
My dog goes nuts over toys, tugs, or treat pouches with rabbit fur. He becomes single minded in his desire to get it. The treat pouch has become super useful for raising drive during training. I have to keep an eye on him, as he'd really like to sneak away and shred the pouch, gumming and grinding to get the rabbit fur. I keep the rabbit toys stored securely up high, and I have learned to not get into a chatty conversation if my dog has access to the pouch. Super motivating, just needs protection from any kind of chewing.
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Great for building toy drive
I got this for my dog who has some toy drive but I'd like to build more. Its very helpful because he's super motivated by food and the real fur makes it more interesting to him, as well. The only reason I didn't give it 5-stars is because the velcro, although very good, does come undone fairly easily. So, sometimes he tries to treat it more like a puzzle toy, opening it up to reward himself rather than bringing it back to me. Maybe something like a sturdy snap would be a nice reinforcement to the velcro closure. Overall, I'm very happy with it!
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