Chase N Chomp Amazing Squeaker Balls

Chase N Chomp Amazing Squeaker Balls


Available in 3 sizes The Small balls are sold in a 2-pack

$5.99 - $8.99

Dogs can't resist these squeaker toys. They love the sound and the squeakability! Inside the see-through outer ball, there's a squeaker ball with dual-squeaker technology so that the toy makes different sounds depending on how the ball is squeezed.

The office Staffy enjoys the Amazing Squeaker Ball so much that instead of ripping it apart, he chooses to keep it intact so he can play with it! And, these balls even float!

The outside ball is clear, but the inner balls are assorted colors. You choose the size; please allow us to choose the color for you.

Size Diameter Packaging
Small 1.5" 2-Pack
Medium 2.5" Single
Large 3.5" Single
Average Rating
5/5 with 2 reviews

Black lab's teddy bear ball
Best. Ball. Ever. She sleeps with it. She won't lose track of it. She brings it to put on my lap when she wants to play. No other ball will do. Each one lasts a couple years with daily fetching and carrying it around in her mouth. Even the squeaker part lasts longer than most other balls. If they ever quit making these, my dog will be inconsolable.
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I have 2 Goldens who destroy most toys in minutes. They have destroyed one or two of these but I bought a bunch. This has turned out to be their favorite retrieving toy. My dogs love to swim and these float well too. They like the medium size, easier to pick up in their mouth but not too small to choke on. The larger one is a little too big for them (my dogs are 70 plus lbs) and they leave it alone now after they got the medium one.
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