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Feet First


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Subtitle: Using Your Feet to Set Lines & Cue Turns
Author: Sandy Rogers
Running Time: 3 hours, 52 minutes
Release Date: 2016

Each chapter of the original Feet First DVD has been made into a "lesson" in one of our Learning Center classrooms, and each subchapter has been made into an activity for the appropriate lesson. This gives you a quick and easy way to find material that you want to go back and re-watch. 

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Footwork matters! Every step you take when you handle your dog in agility provides him with information on where to go next. But here’s the question—are your feet telling your dog where you want him to go? Handling with your Feet First is the simplest way to correctly and consistently cue turns and set lines to the next obstacle(s) on course. Fluent footwork will enable you to get around the course more efficiently and free you to focus on your dog and the course that you’re handling.

The footage included here is of Sandy teaching a seminar at the Clean Run training facility. Seeing a variety of handlers face common difficulties will enable you to more easily translate the video learning into real-life practice with your dog. 

This class includes basic footwork drills as well as the "turn cue combinations" that will up any handler’s game. 

Handling with your Feet First will transform your ability to communicate with your dog in agility. 

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"I have to send out a huge thank you to Sandy Rogers of Ace Dogsports! I attended her Feet First presentation last night in San Francisco. It was AMAZING! I have been doing agility for over 20 years now; adding Sandy's focus on the role of our feet to my thought process and my training will take my handling to the next level! WELL DONE, Sandy. Can't wait for the DVD."  —Pat White, top owner/breeder and handler (49 MACHs on 5 different dogs,AKC Nationals finalist with three dogs, AKC Invitational finalist with three dogs and earning 2nd place in 2014 and 1st place in the 20" height in 2015, top 5 Golden Retriever 10 times, top 20" dog of any breed in 2013, 2 OTCHs, 3 MHs, 4 TDXs)

"Sandy's Feet First technique is both simple and incredibly important. Working with her on this made a world of difference in my handling and the clarity of the cues I was giving my dog. It seems so obvious — 'let your feet do the talking and set the lines' — but it's astonishing how few of us actually do this consistently. We often focus so much on the dog's footwork and technique that we forget to focus on what we as handlers are actually doing with our bodies! Sandy's method breaks down our footwork patterns into simple exercises to help build our muscle memory, and then gradually integrates working with the dog. Even those of us who feel like we have four left feet can learn and master the Feet First technique, and then find ourselves able to get where we need to go much more quickly and to indicate turns earlier and much more clearly. I strongly recommend this for handlers of all levels."  —Nicole F. Watts

"I have taken Sandy Roger's Feet First classes and they have really helped me to understand 'lines' and when 'cues start and finish.' I also have the benefits of being in Sandy's classes where her passion for 'feet first' has improved my handling, and consequently, given my dogs and me more confidence. When practicing on my own, I always include feet first drills and it is a lot of fun!"  —Julie Eli and Harvey (the Keeshonden)

"Feet First is a transformational program to help us communicate more clearly with our dogs. I have struggled with getting 'stuck at times in a certain place and position and not knowing when/how to move on. Obviously this effects my dog knowing what to do next. Working on making my steps better with both exact placement and precise timing so my dog understands the line, allows me to move faster to the next obstacle/line so she can keep moving as well. Our partnership is stronger, faster and more exciting. I now walk a course more precisely and plan my courses in more detail."  —Gwen Meyer

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