Hi-Drive Udder Tug - Fleece

Hi-Drive Udder Tug - Fleece



The Hi-Drive udder tug toys are made from recycled "inflations," which are the rubber liners used in milking machines on farms. They are run through a dishwasher for cleaning and sanitization, but they still maintain their fresh-from-the-farm cow essence that seems to drive dogs wild.

The inflations used to make the H-Drive Fleece Udder Tug are approximately 11" long. There is braided fleece with fringe coming out of each end of the inflation, making the total length of the toy approximately 16". The knot at each end makes a perfect handle if you don't want to grip the inflation itself. The fleece is a tight quad braid which adds some sturdiness to the inflation.

Assorted fleece colors and patterns; please allows us to choose for you.

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