Hi-Drive Udder Tug - Easy Grip

Hi-Drive Udder Tug - Easy Grip


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The Hi-Drive udder tug toys are made from recycled "inflations," which are the rubber liners used in milking machines on farms. They are run through a dishwasher for cleaning and sanitization, but they still maintain their fresh-from-the-farm cow essence that seems to drive dogs wild.

The inflation used to make the Hi-Drive Easy Grip Udder Tug is approximately 11.5" long and the total length of the toy is 14.5". The nylon from the handle is run all the way through the toy to create fringe on the end to further amuse the dog.

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The best udder tug
I love this tug toy because it lasts. The maker has figured out how to reinforce it, making it stronger and more durable. It is not as flimsy as a plain one. It can still be chewed through, if you leave the dog alone with it, but it takes longer to do so. Great for those energetic tuggers, throwable and easy to was the barn dirt off of.
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