Jolly Undeflatable Soccer Balls

Jolly Undeflatable Soccer Balls


Blue Orange 2 sizes

$12.99 - $19.99

Perfect for dogs of all sizes!  This dog-proof soccer ball lets you keep your eyes on the real goal—having fun with your dog! The Jolly Soccer Ball is made of flexible and durable JollyFlex™ material which is easy on your dog's mouth, this ball can be punctured and will NOT deflate. Even if your dog puts a hole in it, this toy will still keep its shape.

  • Made in the USA. 
  • Kick or toss the ball and let your dog chase it down and bring it back
  • Ideal for water-based catch and fetch—it floats!
  • It has a bit of bounce to it so your fetch games just got a whole lot bouncier

The Jolly Soccer Ball comes in two sizes, so it's perfect for dogs of all sizes!

Size Diameter
Small 6"
Large 8"
Average Rating
3/5 with 1 review

Not as soft as described
I bought one of each size. My dog enjoys playing soccer with them, batting them around with her paws, but they are NOT soft enough for her to bite them and carry them. She is a 40 lb standard poodle. I imagine they are just fine for a 60- 80 lb dog with larger jaws. If I step on one and put my full weight on it, it gets just about small enough that she might be able to get her jaws around it, but it takes my full weight. Have they changed the material used? The balls in the illustrations are opaque, what I got is semi translucent. I was hoping I could use them to replace the half deflated real soccer ball that is falling apart she loves to chase, pick up, and bring back. I'll keep looking for a better choice for that, but will keep these for her to kick around.
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