Travel Plank - Wood, 4ft.

Travel Plank - Wood, 4ft.


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Many instructors recommend that their students use a Travel Plank to do the foundation training required for teaching dogs a stationary position on a plank (such as 2-on/2-off). This Travel Plank by Max 200 is designed so that you can work with it flat on the ground or create an incline by resting it on a step, your car bumper, or some other rigid base. It's great for taking your training on the road and making sure your dog can perform his contact behavior anywhere!

The Travel Plank is 12" wide and 4' long. It is made with the same superior, exterior-grade 1/2" plywood that MAX 200 uses for their competition contact obstacles. It is painted and textured to created a nonslip surface. 

Three supports made from PVC gutter raise the plank off the ground. You can choose a height of either 1" or 2".

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