Trainer's Edge Agility Tunnel Bags

Trainer's Edge Agility Tunnel Bags

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Clip & Go's Trainer's Edge Tunnel Bags offer many of the same features of their deluxe tunnel bags at a lower cost, making them a great choice for backyard training.

The low-profile, triangular design offers many advantages over traditional tunnel bag because there is a low center of gravity for excellent stability and it allows the bags to slide under the curved sides of the tunnel so the bags act as wedges to prevent movement.

Packaging: Price includes two Trainer's Edge Tunnel Bags that connect together (enough for one end of a tunnel). 


  • Fits both 24" and 26" tunnels
  • Rubber grab handle on each bag for easy lifting
  • 11" wide strap with 3 strips of Velcro to hold the two bags securely together
  • Bottom of the bag is 7" wide x 16" long and is flat so that it makes full contact with the ground—more contact means better weight distribution and more stability
  • Bottom of the bag features two rubber grip pads (like sports cleats), creating a grippy area that’s 3.5" x 13" in size
  • Triangular portion of the bag is 9" high
  • 16"-long zipper makes filling the bag easy
  • Made of UV-resistant plastic coated vinyl (PVC)
  • Available only in yellow with blue ends

Filling the Bags

We recommend filling each Trainer's Edge Tunnel Bag with 30 lbs. of pea stone (also called pea gravel) rather than sand. Pea stone does not pack into a solid block, making it a safer choice for our dogs.

Comparison with Deluxe Tunnel Bags

Feature Trainer's Edge Tunnel Bags Deluxe Tunnel Bags
Fits both 24" and 26" tunnels Yes Yes
Low profile, triangular design Yes Yes
Handle Flat rubber grab handles Padded, curved deluxed rubber handles
Straps 10"-wide 1-piece strap with 3 strip of Velcro 16" ultra-wide 2-piece strap spans two wires on a 6"-pitch tunnel
Flat bottom Yes. 7" x 16" Yes. 6.5" x 18"
Bottom grip pads 2 rubber grip pads with square nubs, creating a grippy area on each bag that's 3.5" x 13" 4 rubber grip pads with large pointy nubs, creating a grippy area on each bag that's 6" x 15.5"
Height of triangle 9" 9"
Zipper for filling 16"-long medium-duty 12"-long heavy-duty, industrial strength, Delrin zipper
Material UV-resistant plastic-coated vinyl (PVC) 550 GSM UV-resistant plastic-coated vinyl (PVC) 550 GSM
Are bags interchangeable when creating pairs? No, there is a left and a right side Yes
Max. fill weight per bag 30lbs. 30lbs.

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