Clip and Go Agility Deluxe Tunnel Bags
Fill each side with 30 lbs. of material
Fill each side with 30 lbs. of material
Ideal positioning of bag over rib
Ideal positioning of bag over rib
Fill each side with 30 lbs. of material
Ideal positioning of bag over rib

Clip and Go Agility Deluxe Tunnel Bags

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Clip and Go Deluxe Tunnel Bags hold your tunnels securely in place no matter what surface you're running on—matting, grass, artificial turf, sand—and whether you're indoors or outdoors. You'll find that with Clip and Go Tunnel Bags, you can use far fewer sets of bags to keep your tunnels in place, which means less weight to haul around and fewer tunnel bags to buy!

Packaging: Price includes 2 Clip and Go Deluxe Tunnel Bags that connect together (enough for one end of a tunnel). 

Design Advantages

The low-profile, triangular design offers many advantages over traditional tunnel bags:

  • Creates a low center of gravity for excellent stability
  • Allows the bags to slide under the curved sides of the tunnel so the bags act as wedges, cradling the tunnel and preventing movement
  • Ensures the bags don't creep forward past the tunnel opening where they can obstruct the dog
  • There's less surface area for handlers to accidentally trip over or for dogs to run into if they hit the side of the tunnel

Feature and Specifications

  • Fits both 24" and 26" tunnels
  • Padded, curved deluxe rubber handle on each bag for easy lifting
  • 16" ultra-wide two-piece strap spans two wires on a 6"-pitch tunnel, fitting snugly but not constricting or changing the shape of the tunnel. It's also impossible for ring crew to accidentally overtighten the bags and compress the tunnel.
  • Bottom of the bag is 6.5" wide by 18" wide and is flat so that it makes full contact with the running surface—more contact means better weight distribution and more stability
  • Bottom of the bag features four heavy-duty rubber grip pads (like aggressive sports cleats), creating a grippy area that’s 6" x 15.5" in size
  • Triangular portion of the bag is 9" high
  • 12"-long heavy-duty, industrial-strength, mildew- and rot-resistant Delrin zipper to seal in weight bags
  • Made of mildew-, rot-, and UV-resistant plastic-coated vinyl (PVC)
  • Designed so that all individual bags are completely interchangeable when creating pairs; there is no left-side and right-side bag required to put a pair together, and you don't have to worry about color coding the sides!

Filling the Bags

We recommend filling each Clip and Go Tunnel Bag with 30 lbs. of pea stone (also called pea gravel) rather than sand. Pea stone does not pack into a solid block, making it a safer choice for our dogs.

Comparison with Trainer's Edge Bags

Feature Trainer's Edge Tunnel Bags Deluxe Tunnel Bags
Fits both 24" and 26" tunnels Yes Yes
Low profile, triangular design Yes Yes
Handle Flat rubber grab handles Padded, curved deluxed rubber handles
Straps 10"-wide 1-piece strap with 3 strip of Velcro 16" ultra-wide 2-piece strap spans two wires on a 6"-pitch tunnel
Flat bottom Yes. 7" x 16" Yes. 6.5" x 18"
Bottom grip pads 2 rubber grip pads with square nubs, creating a grippy area on each bag that's 3.5" x 13" 4 rubber grip pads with large pointy nubs, creating a grippy area on each bag that's 6" x 15.5"
Height of triangle 9" 9"
Zipper for filling 16"-long medium-duty 12"-long heavy-duty, industrial strength, Delrin zipper
Material UV-resistant plastic-coated vinyl (PVC) 550 GSM UV-resistant plastic-coated vinyl (PVC) 550 GSM
Are bags interchangeable when creating pairs? No, there is a left and a right side Yes
Max. fill weight per bag 30lbs. 30lbs.

Having trouble with your tunnel openings sliding out from underneath your tunnel bags?

Any tunnel bag with a connecting strap that is wider than the distance been two wires of your tunnel has the potential for this to happen. There are several things you can do to prevent it.

  • When positioning your Clip and Go Tunnel Bag, make sure the gap between the two straps is centered over a tunnel rib as shown in the photo. The ribbing helps hold the tunnel in place.
  • Don't try to place a tunnel bag lined up right at the tunnel opening. Instead, move it away from the opening until you can center the gap on a tunnel rib as described above.
  • Next make sure that the tunnel bag is strapped down tightly enough. It should be fastened as tightly as possible, but not to the point that it causes any depression in the top of the tunnel.
  • Lastly, if have a curved tunnel and the tunnel is pulling out when the dogs hits the curve of the tunnel, then you need to add more bags at the curve.

Wondering How Many Tunnel Bags to Use?

USDAA Requirements as of January 1, 2020

  • 4 sets - Tunnels measuring 12'
  • 5 sets - Tunnels measuring more than 12' up to 16'
  • 6 sets - Tunnels measuring more than 16'

"They are wider, more stable, grip better, and can't constrict the tunnel and cause dogs to hit their heads on narrow strips that are too tight. Clip and Go is owned and operated by an engineer who loves agility and puts all his expertise into improving the equipment we use."  —Debora Benoit

"We really love ours! Much better than the old style. We are indoors on turf and the rubber bottoms do stay in place really well.  Hope to be ordering more at some point."  —Sue McGinty

"The Clip and Go bags are amazing.  I hosted a workshop at my house and the power of some of the dogs blasting through the tunnels split the seams of one tunnel, but the ends never moved. They're great!"   —Marilyn Lindsey

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
4.1/5 with 11 reviews

Disappointed with the new version
The new bags are made of thinner material as well the base now made of less robust material and less rubber. Disappointing as I don’t think the new ones will hold as well as the original ones.
Comment from Clean Run The manufacturer changed the specifications of the bag because he felt that the original bag was "over built" and that a slightly thinner fabric (similar to that used by other manufacturers) could be used without affecting the durability of the bag. Both we and the manufacturer will be monitoring the results of the changes.
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Good BUT Seams rip apart. Connecting straps not long enough.
These tunnel bags are good however, a few of the bags we use have split the seams on the sides. When the internal plastic bags split, the pea pebbles spill out on the flooring. Also, I would add that the top connecting straps are not really long enough to stay connected. Wish they were longer to stay secured over the top of the tunnel.
Comment from Clean Run Clip and Go increased the length of the straps on the bags in 2018 too accommodate larger diameter tunnels. Sometimes customers are disappointed because the Velcro only overlaps by about 4" on larger tunnels. This is necessary because the strap length also has to work with a standard 24" diameter tunnel. There is an over 6" difference in circumference between 24" and 26" tunnels. With each new batch of tunnel bags, Clip and Go tries to make improvements to seams and all other parts of the bag. It is important to make sure that the bags don't have more weight in them than what's recommended as that will stress the seams.
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Excellent Quality & Sturdy
I can’t say enough about these tunnel bags. They are sturdy, made with a thick vinyl, and don't let the tunnel walk or move - even with the fast dogs. I don't have to fill them with as much weight as some of my other bags I have. My back is very happy!
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Really great tunnel bags
I've only had the bags filled and in use for a week now but they definitely do the job well. They are very nicely made. Great grip on indoor mats and outdoors. I am using 2 sets on a 10 foot tunnel indoors and the other 3 are on a 15' tunnel outdoors.
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