Clean Run Magazine - March 2011

Clean Run Magazine - March 2011


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A few of the features: Dr. Dan Altchuler, DPM explains why agility handlers are vulnerable to plantar fasciitis and what they can do to eliminate and prevent heel pain, Deb Jones starts a series that will provide lesson plans as well as tips on how to teach and manage FOCUS and impulse-control classes, Jubie Rueschenberg helps you get better results out of your training sessions by inserting some play, Deb Eldredge provides tips for getting the most out of that seminar you've been dying to attend, Dr. Debra Canapp explains the benefits of hydrotherapy for the canine athlete, Moe Strenfel shows you how to get the behaviors you want when you want them (stimulus control), Brenna Fender speaks with several breeders who not only breed performance dogs, but also compete quite successfully in agility and other sports with the dogs they have bred, Pamela Dennison addresses the question of how do you know when your aggressive dog is ready for a match or a trial and also focuses on some dos and don’ts for making trialing less stressful for your dog, Jane Killion concludes her series "When Pigs Fly," Jamie McKay provides descriptions of the volunteer jobs that need to be filled at agility trials, Linda Randall shares some thoughts about training partnerships, Tracy Sklenar looks at techniques for handling difficult students in class, Stuart Mah shows you how to use interval training in your agility sessions, Nancy Gyes puts up exercises where you have a choice of which way to turn at a key obstacle, and much more! 84 pages.

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