ComfortFlex Padded Sport Harness

ComfortFlex Padded Sport Harness



Comfort. Safety. Simplicity.

The lightly padded nylon ComfortFlex Sport Harness offers you and your dog safety, simplicity, and security. Unlike many harnesses, the ComfortFlex Sport Harness is designed to protect sensitive areas, like your dog's throat and underarms, during any level of exercise. The dual-purpose "handle"/leash connection drops back along the dog's spine. Due to the position of this leash connection, pressure is always directed to the dog's chest, never riding up on his throat. This simple yet effective ergonomic design also lets your dog retain full range of motion without having to worry about underarm irritation or chafing.

Getting your dog into this harness is incredibly easy. Just drop it over your dog's head, secure the Velcro strap around his girth, and connect the safety buckle. With very little practice, this can be done with just one hand.

Reflective nylon strapping on the chest piece is easily seen in low-light situations.

Made in the USA. The ComfortFlex Sport Harness is machine washable at a low temperature. Line dry; do not tumble dry.

What size harness does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab above for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.

How to Measure Your Dog: Using a flexible measuring tape, measure from just behind your dog's front legs all the way around him. You are measuring the circumference of the body just behind the front legs, the girth, like measuring a person for a belt. Select one of the sizes below based on that measurement. To assure the best fit for your dog's shape, your dog's girth size should not be at the extreme end of the range give for a particular harness size; for example, if your dog's girth measurement is 20", you will get the best fit from a Small harness rather than an XS.

Note: The front chest piece on the XXS and XS is adjustable.

Size Girth in inches Breed Examples
Double Extra Small
15.5" to 18.5" Miniatures, Chihuahuas, etc.
Extra Small
18" to 20.5" Terriers, etc.
20.5" to 23.5" Shelties, Pugs, etc.
21.5" to 25" Shelties, Pugs, etc
24" to 28" girth Border Collies, Aussies,
Spaniels, etc.
27.5" to 32" Border Collies, Aussies,
Spaniels, etc.
28.5" to 33.5" Labradors, Goldens, etc
Extra Large
32" to 36" Shepherds, Rotties, etc.


"I received my ComfortFlex Sport Harness on Monday and it is an even better product than I thought it would be. It fits very, very well. I spoke to someone at CR about sizing because my BC is on the border of two sizes and is very tall and narrow. As usual, great advice because the fit is perfect. I took my dog to train today and he gets quite excited. I was surprised at how much control I had with this harness. It is not advertised as a no-pull harness but I had almost the same control with the ComfortFlex as I do with the Sensation harness. I made a point of putting it on and taking it off in between sequences and it is as easy as a slip lead. The velcro is very strong and by the end of our lesson I was putting on/taking off the harness with one hand. I also let him run around in the snow with it on and there was absolutely no restriction of movement. The harness also got wet out in the snow and it dried in no time which is a nice bonus. All that is to say, I am more than impressed by this harness and will be ordering one for one of my other dogs. It really can't be beat especially at the price."

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Perfect for dog sports
I love this harness for dog sports. Trapper gets excited and can pull a bit so a harness is needed. This one is great because it has a handle on the back so keeping him close when needed. It also have velcro and a buckle. So you can walk them with the buckle clipped then unclip to be ready on the line for your turn and just have to pull the velcro down.
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