ComfortFlex Limited Slip Padded Dog Collar

ComfortFlex Limited Slip Padded Dog Collar


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The ComfortFlex Limited Slip Collar is designed to keep your dog both safe and comfortable on walks. The lightly padded nylon collar goes on loose, easily slipping over the dog's head. If the dog pulls in any direction away from you, the collar then tightens enough that the dog can't slip out of the collar, but not enough to choke the dog. Reflective strapping makes this collar easy to see in low-light situations. This is a great collar for taking your dog to and from the agility ring because it's padded and because goes on and off so easily.

Made in the USA. This collar is machine washable at a low temperature. Line dry; do not tumble dry.

  • Comfortable padded nylon construction
  • Fully adjustable
  • Smooth limited cinching action let's the collar tighten for safety, but never to the point of choking
  • Ideal for dogs with narrow heads or that frequently slip out of traditional collars
  • Adjustable design allows for the perfect fit
  • Highly visible reflective nylon strapping

What size collar does your dog need? Click on the Sizing tab above for instructions on how to measure your dog and choose the appropriate size.

How to Measure Your Dog: Using a flexible measuring tape, measure around the dog's neck just behind your dog's ears—do not measure further down on the neck as you would for a buckle collar. Your measurement represents the collar's size when tightened.

When properly fitted, a tightened collar should not be able to slide off your dog's head, and you should be able to get one to two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck.

Collar Size Neck Size
Small 7" to 14"
Medium 10" to 20"
Large 14" to 28"
XL 17" to 34"



Average Rating
4/5 with 2 reviews

The best!
I love these and use them for all my dogs--they have buckle collars for tags but if they're on a leash it's attached to one of these. I love that they're so gentle on the coat, and adjusted properly a spooked (or naughty) dog can't slip out. The rings are large and easy to grab with gloves/mittens in a New England weather. Lots of colors so very easy to know which one is for which dog. They also seem to last forever (nine years of daily use and counting on one). I've used these primarily on Belgians and BCs and it has been easy to adjust them so that they slip on and off easily, and are still secure, but don't choke. This might be harder if you have a dog with a head much larger than their neck.
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Well-made but not for everyone
This limited-slip collar is well-made, but "easy on and off" it isn't: there's no clasp, so you have to loosen the collar to take it off and tighten it again when you put it back on. Not easy, especially when you have cold fingers, and with a heavy-coated dog like my malamute you also have to fumble through the fur to loosen it. I wish Clean Run carried a basic limited-slip collar with a clasp and without the padding (which my furry guy doesn't need).
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