Ready Treat V2.0 Radio-Controlled Remote Treat Dispenser

Ready Treat V2.0 Radio-Controlled Remote Treat Dispenser


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The Ready Treat V2 is a radio-controlled treat dispenser that will help you train a variety of behaviors. Using a hand-held remote, you control when the dog receives his reward from up to 100' indoors and outdoors. The Ready Treat's small, compact size makes it easy to take with you in your training bag. It's unique treat compartment gives you the flexibility to use a wide variety of treats: roast beef, cheese, liver, or whatever your dog loves.

The Ready Treat is easy to use. Just place the unit where you want it, push the button on top to turn it on, load the treat compartment, close the door, and you're ready for action. The dog will not be able to remove the treat until you activate the remote to open the door to the treat compartment. Reload and you're ready to go again.

You'll find many uses for the Ready Treat in agility. We've found it useful for

  • Teaching independent weave pole performance and encouraging the dog to drive through the poles to the end
  • Teaching independent contact performance, keeping forward focus on the contacts even if you move laterally or fall behind
  • Rewarding start lines from a distance
  • Rewarding distance work and sends
  • Using as a distraction/reward for dogs that get distracted looking for dropped treats on the ground
  • Remedial work with dogs that have learned to run watching their handler's hand for treats
  • Proofing

The Ready Treat has 20+ frequencies which enable you to configure multiple Ready Treats independently so you can use them for training directionals or discriminations. In this instance, each unit is controlled by its own transmitter.

The treat-dispensing base unit is only 4.375"W x 4.75"L x 2.125"H and weighs just over 7 oz. with batteries in it. The treat compartment is 1"W x 2"L x 1"D.

You will need to purchase batteries for the Ready Treat:

  • Hand-held remote control runs on a 9-volt battery (not included)
  • Food-dispensing base unit runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Note: Before using the Ready Treat for the first time, you must pair the dispenser base to the remote-control transmitter the first time you use the Ready Treat. After installing the batteries, turn the Ready Treat on. The red light will flash. Hold the transmitter button down until the light stops flashing. The remote control and the base are now paired.

What’s new with the Ready Treat V2?

  • Radio control for improved range
  • Works as well outdoors as indoors
  • 20+ frequencies so easily pairs with remote
  • Battery compatibility issue resolved

What’s the same?

  • Small & lightweight
  • Works with any kind of treat
  • Opens immediately (no lag time)
  • Simple to use: push the button to open the door

Before Using the Ready Treat

You must pair the dispenser base to the remote-control transmitter the first time you use the Ready Treat. After installing the batteries, turn the Ready Treat on. The red light will flash. Hold the transmitter button down until the light stops flashing. The remote control and the base are now paired.

The Ready Treat vs. the Treat & Train

The Ready Treat was not designed as a replacement for the Treat & Train. The Ready Treat was designed with these priorities:

  • Small compact size to fit in your training bag and be as inconspicuous as possible in your training area
  • Affordability
  • Ability to dispense a wide variety of treats
  • Simple to use: Push the button to open the door—nothing else

The Treat & Train is an excellent choice for rewarding behaviors like crate manners. The Ready Treat was designed to be used for training specific agility or obedience skills.

Tips for Using the Ready Treat

Here's some suggestions to help you get started with your Ready Treat remote treat dispenser.

  • Take the time to introduce it to your dog. With the door open, feed the dog treats from it. The first time you open the door, make sure the dog is at least 2-3' away the unit; never pop open the door while your dog is sniffing the Ready Treat looking for a treat. The door opens quickly and it could startle your pup.
  • Many people put the Ready Treat too close to the obstacles. Moving it farther away gives you the time to react and push the button. 15' from the obstacle is a good place to start.
  • If your dog paws at the Ready Treat and you hit the button, what are you rewarding? Once again, hit the button on the transmitter before your dog gets to the Ready Treat so he doesn't have a chance to paw at it.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
3.1/5 with 13 reviews

Works Great
I bought one of these 5 years ago and it stopped working. But then I found the directions for resetting the frequency and that fixed the problem. So, I bought a second. Both are working great. I like that they are small and easy to take to class. I also like that I can put any kind of treat in them which you can't in the Manners Minder. That is especially important for my picky small dogs or when I need to dispense high quality treats for harder behaviors like independent weaves. The only problem is you have to replace the treat every time but that aspect is offset by the ability to use any kind of treat in them. I wipe out the slobber and crumbs after every training session and that has kept it pretty clean and working well.
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it works fine
just got it, need to use careful installing 9v battery
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Only works sporadically
Love the concept. Small. I have the Manners Minder too but love this one because it is more inconspicuous. Great for contacts, retrieves weaves and more. Problem is it only works sporadically. Just when I want to count on it, it stops working. No rhyme or reason. Then later it starts working again. I’ve had it for over a year and have had this problem almost from the beginning. But just when I think I’ll complain to Clean Run, it starts working again. Would buy another but I’m afraid to send good money after bad. Funny thing is my obedience instructor has one and says hers works perfectly. Very frustrating. Would love to be able to count on it.
Comment from Clean Run We're sorry to hear that you have had a problem with your older Ready Treat. The Ready Treat does come with a 1-year warranty. Customer service will email you directly with some tips for troubleshooting and re-setting your Ready Treat. Please contact us anytime you have a problem with a product and we'll be happy to help.
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Very fragile and finicky about the types of treats you can use
So I bought this at the cluster, and I've had it for almost a year. I'm not super happy with the quality of it. First it didn't have some parts, so I had to return it. Then the second one I got worked without issues for a few solid months and it was great, until the door started sticking. The manual tells you that you can't use greasy treats. I used mostly cut up cheese sticks, sometimes I would put turkey pepperoni in there, which is not very greasy and I cleaned it after each use. But it still got very sticky. I had to take it apart and clean the grease out of the door hinges, clean the whole thing, and then it worked again, but it was still really sticky and finicky. Then I left it out in the rain for like 5 minutes. I was working outside, forgot about it and left it out there. Then it started to rain and the minute I realized it was raining I brought it back in. It worked for about another month off and on, and now it's dead. Dead remote. It's honestly not worth the price. You're probably better off buying the Treat and Train for this type of stuff. It's quicker to reinforce with it as well.
Comment from Clean Run We're sorry that you had difficulty with your Ready Treat. Customer service is going to reach out to you since there is a warranty on the product. The Treat & Train and the Ready Treat are designed for different purposes. We highly recommend taking a look at the video we include with the product description about using the RT vs. the T&T. We'll also be adding an article on the subject.
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