Cool Runners Training Weave Poles

Cool Runners Training Weave Poles


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Designed by an agility trainer, these 6-pole sets of weave poles can be adjusted to be 2 x 2s, offset channel poles, or a line of straight poles. The supporting feet on the base rotate 360 degrees and the base is hinged in sections so that you can angle it to the shape you want to begin training with, and then gradually straighten the base until the dog is weaving a straight line of poles. You can add another set so that you have 12 poles to train with.

These weave poles have a flat, blue fiberglass base and the poles are positioned 24” apart, measured center to center. The poles are made from thin-wall Schedule 20 1" PVC. They are 35-1/2" high and have the same outside diameter as competition poles (1-1/8"). There is no tape or striping on the poles. If you wish to add a contrasting color strip, the Clip and Go Jump Bar Stickers work perfectly as they are designed for jump bars which are the same diameter as these poles.

The Cool Runners Training Weave Poles are great for training as they are lightweight and easy to set up or break down so that you can work on your novice dog's weaving skills anywhere. For most dogs, you will want to stake the bases (stakes included) to keep them in position. While they will work for dogs of all sizes, they are not intended for use with fast, hard-driving dogs. For that type of dog, we recommend the Handler's Choice Metal Base Training Weave Poles which are made of metal and are much heavier.

A set of 6 poles in the storage bag weighs 6.35 lbs.

Packaging: Set of 6 poles with the adjustable base comes in a zippered carry case with 6 grass stakes for use outdoors. 

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Average Rating
3.5/5 with 4 reviews

Super easy to move and adjust!
I’m really pleased with these weave poles! They’re super easy to set up and take down, very easy to transport in the carrying bag. They’re sturdy enough for my lower drive dog inside the house and with my 25 pound moderate drive dog outside, staked in the ground. Like the description says they would not be well suited for high drive dogs. For the price they’re definitely a wonderful piece of equipment to have!
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I had high hopes for these but I find them challenging to use on grass (difficult to stake so they’re level and vertically straight). But worse, within a few uses one of the poles in its base fell off the mounting screw. The hole in the base is too large for the screw so I’m unable to reattach. I didn’t return because I thought it must be an easy fix; it might be, in fact, but I haven’t yet determined what I need to purchase in order to make it work. And, really, I shouldn’t have to. It should have lasted far longer; however, to be fair, the other five poles are fine. But since the issue isn’t with an end pole; it makes it kind of a useless set. I’d be reasonably happy without the attachment issue. It’s an inexpensive set of training poles, and I didn’t expect perfection when I purchased!
Comment from Clean Run We're sorry that you had a problem with a pole. That definitely shouldn't have happened. Please get in touch with customer service so that we can ship you a replacement pole.
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So disappointed!
The weave poles don't fit in the base. There is a tiny 1/8th inch bevel and that is the only part the poles will fit into, not at all sturdy and they fall out easily. The base is very flimsy and adjusting the the base to set up the style of weave you want is is very hard. Nearly impossible to make sure that everything is set. Absolutely disappointed, returning both sets I purchased.
Comment from Clean Run You are more than welcome to return the poles, but before you do so, you may want to take a second look. There is a 1/8th inch bezel, but the weave poles do fit all the way into the 2-1/8” deep pole holders. They fit very tightly, in fact. You need to step on the base and push down on the weave pole with both hands – rotating the pole as you do this will help insert it. It is actually very difficult to get them out once they are in, so this has not been a problem. As we say in the description, the bases are plastic and are not made for hard-driving dogs. We recommend the Cool Runners poles (a similar design, but a with metal bases) if you need something sturdier for your dog. The Handler’s Choice Poles are also meant to be staked to keep them in position once you set them up. It’s a cost/benefit decision. The plastic base set is much less expensive, but it is not as sturdy as the metal ones.
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So compact!
I love these weave poles. My dogs (6-40 lbs) don't have any issues with them. They are so light and compact that I have actually taken them to dog shows to practice weave poles a little in the hotel room. I just recently got a second set of 6, so now I will have 12.
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