Hit It Board Contact Trainer - Basic

Hit It Board Contact Trainer - Basic


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Tired of your dog not understanding what is expected of him on the contacts? Tired of guessing if your dog was in the contact zone or not?

The Hit It Board is an easy-to-use training tool that provides instant feedback so that you can teach your dog to adjust his stride and get into that sometimes-elusive contact zone. The Hit It Board automatically detects when your dog steps on the contact and provides the feedback for you with a simple, pleasant tone—no more missed or late clicks to confuse your dog!  Whether you're working on up contacts or down contacts, the Hit It Board is the most consistent, reliable, and simple contact training device available. We have also found the Hit It Board useful for ground work to teach dogs to collect their stride for making weave pole entries and tight turns.

The Hit It Board is made of aluminum that's painted bright yellow with a sanded, non-skid finish. The bottom surface has a neoprene coating to keep it from slipping.

The Hit It Board is 12"W x 10"L x 1/2"H so that it fits between the slats of most dogwalks. The battery pack is 3"W x 6"L x 2 1/8"H and is powered by a 9-volt battery (included).

Will the Hit It Board work with my 7 lb. dog?

The answer to this question is not cut and dry. The sensitivity of the Hit It Board is effected not only the weight of the dog, but by the velocity and pressure that the dog exerts on the board when hitting it. The board is designed to accommodate a very broad weight/pressure spectrum, but at either end of that spectrum there might be a few dogs that can't make the the board beep. If after using the Hit It Board you find that it isn't sensitive enough for your dog, you can contact us and the manufacturer will make appropriate changes to the board.

Is there a warranty?

Assuming the Hit It Board hasn't been abused, the manufacturer will make whatever repairs necessary (including replacing the board with a new one without expense to the customer), for 30 days from the date of receipt. After that, requests for repairs will be evaluated on an individual basis.

How do I teach my dog the Hit It Board?

Various training methods may be used, but it is recommended that you first pair the beep with a reward (similar to teaching a dog the sound of the clicker). The next step is to work with the board on the ground. Teach the dog to step on the Hit It Board, causing the beep to occur so that he gets his reward. Then teach the dog to step on the Hit It Board with maximum speed from various distances and angles, adding distractions when appropriate.

When these steps are done, place the Hit It Board on a flat plank. Teach the dog to step on the board with maximum speed from various distances and angles, adding distractions when the dog is ready. Teach and proof the desired behavior on the plank.

At this point you are ready to transfer the Hit It Board onto the actual contact obstacle in the area where you want your dog to step. Use backchaining to teach the desired behavior.

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