Chase N Chomp Squeaking Treat Snake

Chase N Chomp Squeaking Treat Snake

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The Chase 'N Chomp Squeaking Treat Snake is 16.5" long and 1" in diameter. It is made of thick-walled rubber and has a squeaker in the head. There is a channel cut in the underside of the toy that you can stuff with treats. 

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Pup approved!
My girl loves this silly thing. She watches me stuff it with kibble and bounces up and down until I give it to her!
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loved from day 1
I have a young bc/cattle dog. When I get him a new toy, it usually takes awhile for him to develop interest in it. And he's the kind of dog that really only wants to play with me, not by himself. From the moment I pulled this out of the box, he loved. He immediately started chewing on it. He carries it around and shakes it and tries to get other dogs to play tug. I got it with the intention of stuffing it with treats for when we are at agility trials. However, so far, he loves it plain. It has a squeaker in the head. The rubber is softer than I expected which makes it "shakable". So far he has not damaged it even after a few chew sessions. However, I would call him a moderate chewer. I will be buying more in case they quit carrying this.
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Unique Food Toy
I love how different this toy is than many other food toys. It's made of a durable rubber type material so the dogs can pry food out, but it maintains its shape well. My dogs liked the squeaky heads. It was bigger than I expected which is good because my dogs are large.
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Fun and durable!
This toy is a real favorite. I have a 22 month old mini aussie who is quite the busy girl. She loves this snake. It is heavy and long enough to make it fun to lug around. I haven't even needed to put treats in it. She shakes it, squeaks it's head and chews it. You can barely even tell she has chewed on it a lot! This one is a real success! One important thing to remember is to move out of the way quickly if your dog shakes it. It hurts (but not the dog - just us people).
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