Beanie Braided Fleece Ball Tugs

Beanie Braided Fleece Ball Tugs


Small Medium Standard

$9.99 - $11.99

Beanies Braided Fleece Ball Tugs are braided with a minimum of four strands of high-quality fleece for durability and strength, and they're very soft on your hands. The tightly braided fleece is designed to offer a slight give without losing its shape or overly stretching when you're tugging. The fleece fringe on the end of the toy helps create more excitement for the dog.

The Small and Standard Ball Tugs feature a Kong Squeaker Ball and the Medium Ball Tug features a Tuff Ball. Tuff Balls are designed for dogs. They have extra-thick natural rubber walls which provide extra durability. No chemicals are added for bounce as is done with "human" tennis balls plus the nonabrasive felt won't wear down a dog's teeth. Tuff Balls are also lead-free and are tested by an independent laboratory to make sure they do not contain any other heavy metals.

The toy is handmade in the USA, but the ball is not.

Assorted bright colors. You choose the size; please allow us to choose the color for you. 

Size Ball
Fleece Braid
Small 1.5" 1/2" 12" -15"
Medium 2" 3/4" 12" - 15"
Standard 2.5" 3/4" 8"

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