Shark Bite Universal Fasteners

Shark Bite Universal Fasteners


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Shark Bite Universal Fasteners let you "grab" nearly any thin material (particularly flexible ones), by the edge and create a super-strong makeshift grommet. The unique "shark tooth" design enables permanent and temporary fastening solutions for shade cloth, canvas, banners, tars, RV covers, and more. The Shark Bite is made from tough UV-stabilized nylon plastic.

It's two-piece construction makes it easy to use. The bottom piece has four large "teeth" and a number of smaller ones. Hold this piece with all the teeth facing up. Place the material (cloth, vinyl, plastic film, canvas, etc.) on the small teeth, push it back into the four large teeth, and hold it in place. Place the the top piece, smooth side down, over the four large teeth and slide it back as far as possible (the eyelets should pretty much line up). This creates a very strong hold that will keep the material from slipping out. To re-use, back out the top piece and start over.

Use as is, or combine it with matching nylon S-hooks. Size is 2.5" x 2.25".

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