Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Harness - Part 2, Front Piece
Step 2 is to select the correct front piece for your dog

Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Harness - Part 2, Front Piece

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The Perfect Fit is a modular system of interchangeable pieces which means it is possible to fit all shapes, ages, and sizes of dogs. Before you select a front piece for your harness, you need to choose a girth strap.

Step 2: Select Your Front Piece

The front piece you select should be made from the SAME SIZE webbing as the girth strap you chose in Step 1 (15mm, 20mm or 40mm). Within each webbing size, there are different sizes of front pieces. To determine which size you need, consult the Perfect Fit Harness Selection Guide.

Note: There is a D-ring on the front piece so that you can use a double-ended leash, and have two points of connection, to improve "steering" and distribute any pulling force more evenly. Please note, however, that the harness is NOT designed for the front D-ring to be used on its own; use the front ring only with a double-ended leash that's also connected to the top D-ring.

The Next Step

To complete your Perfect Fit Harness, next purchase a top piece.

To make an exchange or accept a return, we require that the harness piece be in the same pristine condition as when it arrived with you.

We understand that when you try the harness on your dog and adjust it, the harness pieces may get a little hairy. But if the harness has been worn for more than just a proper fitting, or is in a different condition then when you received it, we will NOT be able to make a free exchange or give a full credit for a return.

  • Returned harness pieces that require more cleaning than using a lint brush to remove a little bit of hair are subject to a 30% restocking fee.
  • Returned harness pieces that are damaged or worn are subject to a 50% restocking fee.

Before you return a harness piece, we recommend watching the Measuring & Sizing video to ensure that you have adjusted the harness correctly.

If you live in the USA and are making an exchange, you will pay for the return shipping to our offices and Clean Run will pay the shipping cost to send the new size back to you.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating
3.6/5 with 7 reviews

A great harness
A great harness that can be modified to most dog's exact body shape due to all three parts being available in different sizes. This also allows you to just swap single parts if your dog's shape changes as they grow, which is what we did for our sheltie after she filled out a bit more when reaching maturity.
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Perfect Solution for Whippets (all sighthounds)
I struggled for years to find a good harness for my whippets because of their unique body shape! I was thrilled to finally find these because they allow me to dial in the perfect measurements for the chest and neck. They are well padded and soft so they don’t rub the fur off of the dog and the quality is really great! We have washed them a few times with ZERO issues! THANK YOU for making this system! The video of how to put it on your dog is very cute and very helpful!!
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We've been using this harness for hiking with our terrier for years and it's great. I would recommend it.
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Front Piece Fail
Love the comfort of this harness; hate the fact that it cost a lot and is now useless because the front piece has come unstitched. I'm also disgusted that when you report that it has failed after very little use, you are questioned as to how you used it. In other words, if you clip anything to the front only, it WILL fail, and you will have no recourse. I purchased mine in 2018 for taking my boy on hikes so he could be comfortable running around loose, but I would have something I could leash him with when necessary. Unfortunately we have only been on 4 brief hikes in two years. I'm pretty sure it did not say "The harness is NOT designed for the front D-ring to be used on its own" at that time.
Comment from Clean Run We have had an ongoing battle with the manufacturer about including a front ring and expecting the customer to only use that ring in conjunction with the top ring. However, they have a lot of clients who want to use a double connection leash so they include this feature. Our website has always stated that the D-ring is not designed to be used on its own because it is a huge customer service concern. We cannot guarantee the product when the manufacturer says it should not be used a particular way and they won't guarantee the product in that instance -- that's why we have to ask. If you would like to purchase a replacement front piece, we are happy to provide you with one at a substantial discount.
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