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Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $120

Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Dog Harness: Part 3 - Top Piece

Perfect Fit Modular Fleece-Lined Dog Harness: Part 3 - Top Piece


$15.50 - $23.99

Voted #1 Harness by the Whole Dog Journal in 2017 and 2018!

Made in England, the Perfect Fit is a modular system which allows you to create a fleece-lined harness that is perfectly fitted to your dog. A Perfect Fit Harness is constructed from 3 individual pieces—top, front, and girth—which clip together to make a complete harness. Because you can pick a different size for each piece, you can fit ALL sizes and shapes of dogs, even "tripawd" dogs who have lost a front limb. If you have a puppy, you can order an extra piece in a different size to accommodate his growth. 

The Perfect Fit is designed to distribute the weight of the dog evenly over the harness to help reduce rubbing and friction. Besides the D-ring on the top piece, there is a D-ring on the front piece so that you can use a double-ended leash, and have two points of connection, to improve "steering" and distribute any pulling force more evenly. The harness is NOT designed for the front D-ring to be used on its own. 

Step 3: Select Your Top Piece

The top piece you select should be made from the SAME SIZE webbing as the girth strap and front piece you chose in Steps 1 and 2 (15mm, 20mm or 40mm). Within each size of webbing, there are different sizes of top pieces. To determine which size you need, consult the Perfect Fit Harness Selection Guide.

To make an exchange or accept a return, we require that the harness piece be in the same pristine condition as when it arrived with you.

We understand that when you try the harness on your dog and adjust it, the harness pieces may get a little hairy. But if the harness has been worn for more than just a proper fitting, or is in a different condition then when you received it, we will NOT be able to make a free exchange or give a full credit for a return.

  • Returned harness pieces that require more cleaning than using a lint brush to remove a little bit of hair are subject to a 30% restocking fee.
  • Returned harness pieces that are damaged or worn are subject to a 50% restocking fee.

Before you return a harness piece, we recommend watching the Measuring & Sizing video to ensure that you have adjusted the harness correctly.

If you live in the USA and are making an exchange, you will pay for the return shipping to our offices and Clean Run will pay the shipping cost to send the new size back to you.

Average Rating
5/5 with 2 reviews

Excellent fit and stands up to time
I bought this harness for each of my 30 lb Tollers a few years ago and still love them. I like how they provide free range of movement in the shoulder, are light weight and still look new after years of use. We have a new puppy in the house and I'm writing the review as I'm picking out a new Perfect Fit harness for him! I also have the Ruffwear Front Range harness that I like for longer hiking adventures, but this is my go-to for everyday walks and hanging out around town (when there is not a pandemic).
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Fantastic harness, such a great idea
I bought this harness system for both my dogs, a stocky Jack Russell Terrier and a little Yorkie/Chihuahua mix. Both are hard to fit...the Jack is extremely muscular, and the Chorkie is tiny, but pulls like a freight train. They've always been hard to fit so it's a real treat to have a custom harness for each of them. The PF harnesses are well-made and easy to put on. My dogs are safe and comfortable (and handsome!) in them. Walks are much more fun now. My only complaint is that it took forever to pick the correct pieces based entirely on the breed sizing chart, which is a bit vague. It would be really helpful if the website also included pictures of each harness piece laid out by a yardstick. Extremely happy with this purchase!
Comment from Clean Run If there's any question about what size Perfect Harness you need, it's best to contact customer service and send photos of your dogs. The breed charts are only guides to be used along with the measurements, and our customer service people have lots of experience with fitting dogs in this system.
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