Handler's Choice Training Weave Poles with Metal Base - Set of 06

Handler's Choice Training Weave Poles with Metal Base - Set of 06


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Designed by the same agility trainer who designed the Cool Runners Training Weave Poles, this 6-pole set of weave poles can be used in three different ways, as 2x2s, offset channel poles, or a line of straight poles.

Each section of the base is completely independent. The sections can be joined together and rotated to create offset channel poles or a line of straight poles. They can also be made into 2x2 weaves.  

These weave poles have a flat, powder-coated steel base and the poles are positioned 24" apart, measured center to center. The poles are made from Schedule 20 1" PVC. They are 35-1/2" high and have the same outside diameter as competition poles (1-1/8"). 

The Handler's Choice Training Weave Poles are great for training as they are easy to set up and transport so that you can work on your dog's weaving skills anywhere. 

A set of 6 poles in the storage bag weighs 14.4 lbs., more than double the weight of the Cool Runners Training Weave Poles (fiberglass base) which makes these poles more suitable than the Cool Runners for harder driving dogs. If, however, your dog is very large or likes to push the poles around with his body, we recommend either the Clip and Go Agility 3-in-1 Weave Pole Bases or the Max 200 Competition Poles.

Packaging: Set of 6 poles with the adjustable base comes in a zippered carry case with 6 grass stakes for use outdoors. 

  SHIPPING NOTE: This item must be shipped via UPS or Fedex Ground service. It cannot be shipped to Canadian or overseas addresses.

Please be aware that when using this product outdoors it is important to monitor the base for oxidation. In the event that rust appears, please spray the oxidized area using a rust-preventative product or paint. Lawn fertilizers and other chemicals can also be extremely corrosive.

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Fantastic weave poles!
I love these weave poles! They’re super sturdy, but not very heavy. Easy to carry and come with a carry bag! Great for indoor use or outside. You get great quality for the price. I was between these and a cheaper set of weave poles, but I’m so happy I got these instead!
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Perfect set for newbies at home!
My dog & I are new to agility (<6 mo), but I've been enjoying it and have been looking for affordable at home options for equipment. These were the perfect price to try and they are well worth it. The weaves are easy to transport and come in their own carrying case. The base is light, but sturdy. My dog is just getting to the point where I'll need to stake it down (thankfully it comes with stakes!). The only "negative" is that the plastic for the poles themselves seems light and flimsy compared to others I've used, and the black plastic caps seem to fall off during transport. This is minimal but I want to bring it up since a lot of poles seem to be a sturdier material. If you're looking for a set of at-home weaves, or an set that's easy to transport for on-the-go training, look no further!
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