11/2008—November 2008 Digital Edition

11/2008—November 2008 Digital Edition


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A few of the features: Pam Reid discusses the challenges of teaching our dogs to discriminate among complex choices at speed as well as ways of approaching the challenges, Greg Derrett explains how deceleration and position affect the efficiency of a front cross in the first of a multiple-part series, a group of trainers offer positive solutions to get a sniffing dog's head off the ground and back into the agility game, Ann Croft continues her series on an alternative way to train the end behavior of the four-on-the-floor contact, Linda Mecklenburg continues her handling series with a look at how to perform the four basic turns in conjunction with the turning obstacles when cued with forward motion and with no motion, Debbie Gross Sanders shares some indoor strengthening exercises you can do on a staircase, Jane Killion discusses why, when, and how to use front crosses and rear crosses with your Pigs Fly dog, Mary Ellen Barry shares some methods for teaching your dog to retrieve, Dr. Sherman Canapp explains stem cell therapy for the canine athlete, Brian Ferrand writes about teaching hand touches and applications for the behavior in agility training and handling, Diana Barber presents ideas to help instructors motivate and inspire their students to learn and practice agility on their own, and much more! 92 pages.

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