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Kennel Gear 1-Quart Bowl

Kennel Gear 1-Quart Bowl




The Kennel Gear Bowl System is a high-quality, heavy-duty plastic dog bowl that you can attach directly to crates, pens, or solid surfaces. Featuring the ingenious Piranha Lox Secure Locking System, once the bowl is attached and locked in place, it provides a secure feeding/watering area for your dog—no more bowls tipping over or getting played with.

The bowl is very easy to install. To mount the bowl on an ex-pen or crate, simply attach the back plate and the bowl-mounting plate with the supplied thumbscrews. Flip open the paw-proof lock and slide your dog's bowl into the mount. When the bowl is in place, the lock will automatically close. To remove the bowl, simply release the paw-proof lock and lift the bowl out of the mount. Dishwasher safe for cleaning. Bowls are 1 quart in size.