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Mini Braided Bunny Tug

Mini Braided Bunny Tug


Currently out of stock, but we expect to have it available again by March 28th.


Made just for puppies and small dogs, the Mini Braided Bunny Tug features narrow strips of soft fleece braided together with 3/8" nylon cord (for strength and durability) and 3" of real bunny fur. This tug is approximately 11" long and has a knot on each end to make it easy for both you and the dog to grip.

The Mini Braided Bunny Tug is a perfect first tug for your puppy or a training tug for your adult mini dog. This toy is made with commercial-grade rabbit fur, and the white fur is natural, not bleached or dyed. NO rabbit fur from China is used. Assorted color combinations; please allow us to choose for you.