Clip and Go Jump Cup Strips - Flexible, Flat-Back

Clip and Go Jump Cup Strips - Flexible, Flat-Back


Buy 5+, save $2 per pair, Buy 10+, save $3 per pair


The jump cups on the standard plastic Clip and Go Strips are very pliant, but Clip and Go wanted to create a jump cup with even more flexibility to help ensure the safety of dogs when they are slicing a jump close to the uprights.

Clip and Go Flexible Jump Cup Strips combine the convenience of built-in, multiple jump-cup heights with the safety provided by a soft, flexible material. There is a jump cup every 2" from 4" to 28". These jump cups are made from UV-stable TPE plastic, which is rigid enough to hold the jump bar, but supple enough to fold completely away if the jump cup is hit by a dog. Clip and Go Flexible Jump Cup Strips perform equally well in all temperatures, so you don't need to worry about degradation in extreme heat or cold. Each jump height is clearly marked with improved easy-to-read numbers. The color of the strips is light grey.

Clip and Go Flexible Flat-Back Jump Cup Strips are designed to be be mounted to wood, metal, or any other flat jump upright. Screws are not provided since you willl need to select screws of the type and length appropriate for the surface to which you are mounting the strips.

The flexibility of the Flexible Jump Cup Strips makes them unbreakable, but like all Clip and Go products, they are guaranteed!

Packaging: Clip and Go Flexible Jump Cup Strips come in a pair of 2 for the price shown.

Note: If you are interested in buying 50+ jump cup strips, please contact regarding an additional discount.