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Clik Stik Training Tool

Clik Stik Training Tool




Many of the things we want our dog to do in agility and obedience require the dog to focus on a particular location or object. Touch/target sticks are a wonderful tool for teaching targeting, contacts and weave poles, send-aways or go-outs, heeling, and lots more. For those of us that find a traditional target stick hard to handle when we're also trying to coordinate our clicker and treats, the Clik Stik features a clicker built into a collapsible target stick. This click/retractable target stick combination frees up one of the trainer's hands and means there's one less piece of equipment to drop, juggle, or lose. The Clik Stik includes a molded-in belt clip and extends from 6" to 23" in length. Includes a target training booklet by internationally renowned dog trainer Terry Ryan.

  • The Clik Stik is fully telescoping.
  • At full extension (23"), the Clik Stik reaches the nose of short dogs when the trainer is standing.
  • The sound of the Clik Stik is less percussive than some clickers, which may be helpful in working with sensitive dogs.