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Pole plugs fall out easily
I love the ease of assembling these poles and they fold up well. They're not the lightest but pretty reasonable for a 12 pole steel based set.My biggest complaint is the plugs that seal the top of the poles. Some of them fall out pretty easily. I lost one at a training facility today. The set doesn't come with any spares and I don't know where to get some more. I live in a wet environment so feel it's important to keep the poles sealed when they are outside. I thought of either taping the plugs to the poles or using an adhesive; silicone seal? I'd appreciate any suggestions.
Comment from Clean Run Hello and thank you for taking the time to write a review. If you would like to use some glue or adhesive to secure the end caps we would suggest using a gel type adhesive (super glue, gorilla glue). We recommend the gel varieties because they are less messy and the end caps will only require a few dabs on the insert portion of the end cap to be secured in place. Additionally, if you are in need of a spare end cap or have any other questions please contact our customer service team via email at and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you, Clean Run Customer Service
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packs down fantastically small
It takes a little bit of time to get the Cool Runners set up exactly how you want them, but no more than if you had to make multiple trips to carry heavy metal bases. I *LOVE* how small the base packs down, and the fact that the product comes with carrying cases for the base and poles (and the poles each have their own elastic loops, so it keeps everything neat and tidy). The design is a great balance of portability and easy storage with a "competition feel"; I don't feel like it will be a huge change for my dog to train on these at home and competition-grade weave poles at our local training facility.
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Easy peasy poles!
I have tried every kind of weave poles over the years and being a channel pole fan and starting a new puppy I thought these would be good to try indoors over the winter, opened wide. I set them up where the dogs go outside and "hang" by the door. Gem was totally unfazed by them so, on the next good day with no snow, I took them outside and targeted both ends. What fun! He knows how to target so, it went pretty quick and if mother nature continues her benevolence (live in the NE) I shall leave them out and if not, they are very easy to disassemble and pack away.
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Love ?? these weaves
These poles are the perfect addition to our at home field. Very easy to set up and break down. The design is impeccably made and extremely high quality. I love the ability to make channel weaves for easy early training. They also fit nicely into individual sleeves for each pole and a separate bag for the base making them easy to travel with. You can even anchor them into the ground at each pole for safety and stability. These poles are a must for anyone looking for a great way to work on weaving.
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Versatile & Travels easily
I love these poles! What happens when you’re away at a trial & your dogs start having trouble with the weave poles? I used to cry but not anymore. These are easily transportable & quick to set up. Go somewhere off the trial grounds & set these up. I fix my dogs problems then go to my trial the next day confident that my dogs will weave correctly. What’s nice about these is that I can open & close these poles as needed to help my dogs. It doesn’t matter what problem they’re having; entry, weaving, or getting out properly. When done, everything breaks down & fits nicely inside a heavy duty duffel bag. Wouldn’t trade them for anything!
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Rusts after a few months, overpriced and cheaply made
I purchased these weave pole set six months ago and thought these were nice portable weaves. However within the first few months they started rusting. Even though I took them in and out of the bag. I contacted Clean Run who contacted the manufacturer and they told me I needed to sand the rust spots and repaint them even though they are only 6 months old. I would absolutely not recommend this product.
Comment from Clean Run We're sorry that you're unhappy with your purchase. The poles are sold as training weave poles because of their portability, and there is a warning on the website as well as printed on the box that the powder coating can oxidize based on the conditions where maintenance may be required - Please be aware that when using this product outdoors it is important to monitor the base for oxidation. In the event that rust appears, please spray the oxidized area using a rust-preventative product or paint. Lawn fertilizers and other chemicals can also be extremely corrosive. The owner of Clean Run inspected all the photos that you sent and the spots are a cosmetic flaw and not out of the norm for what you could expect with any metal base that has been used for 6-7 months. Agility obstacles do require maintenance, especially in a state like Florida where you live. Even if you are putting the weave poles away in the bag, storing them with any dampness or after they've been exposed to lawn chemicals will trigger the oxidation process. We have many people who are happily using these poles for their training, but if you are looking for poles that are maintenance free as you expressed when you contact us, these are not right for you.
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