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Really like these will likely buy more
I put these together when they arrived. Very easy to assemble. Light weight but well made. I didn't get to use them until the weather cooperated. They stand up pretty well to wind, but will blow over in a strong wind. Nice addition to my collection of equipment.
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Just what I needed!
These wing jumps are perfect for my not very big back yard. They are easy to to move and change jump heights, but sturdy and stable in high wind. The directions were clear and I was able to able to assemble them without difficulty. (FYI: I am a 77 year old woman.) I highly recommend them!
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Very stable in high winds
We’ve only had a chance to use them twice but found them to be very stable in 15-25 mph winds. My older Clip an Go jumps had to be pinned to the ground or I would be constantly setting them up. I bought 2 blue and 2 purple and love the colors.
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I just purchased these and plan to keep them outside. I am hopeful they will stand up better than my home made jumps and will last in the sun year round. I did assemble one wrong, silly me, so we shall see if that is a big deal or not. Love how light they are and the colors are very visible. They were easy to assemble except for my goof but oh well. It's what I get for being in a hurry.
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Stood up in the wind
Easy to assemble, clearly visible, lightweight, and stood up in the heavy winds we had this weekend. Have only had them a short time, so durability in hot Texas summers is yet to be determined.
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